ArtReach GW

ArtReach GW

ArtReach GW

The Risa Fund partners with ArtReach GW to provide free visual arts programming serving residents East of the River. Workshops, led by registered art therapists, promote art-making as a tool for wellness, self-awareness, insight, and community connection.

See some examples of the inspiring works of art here.

2020 Update:
Due to COVID, ArtReach paused all spring classes and transitioned to virtual classes. From March-April, ArtReach offered Family Open Studio classes and Art Journaling classes. These classes focused on using art as a method for managing stress and self-care during the pandemic. During this time, 19 families and 17 individuals were served. In addition, they hosted a virtual art therapy workshop with the Metropolitan Police Department Outreach Division and Casa Ruby. The young adults used symbols to focus on their inner strengths and positive affirmations. After creating their works of art, they shared their creative process and meaning behind their work. Many used symbols to express their feelings towards BLM protests and their personal journeys.

In the fall, ArtReach plans to offer a new virtual course entitled Rebelucion-Arte (Revolutionize Yourself through Art). This class will be a therapeutic class for women to explore ways to practice self-care. We will continue to operate virtually and host more workshops with organizations that serve vulnerable populations.

Participant Testimonials:

“I really enjoyed my time in this art therapy class. For not being an artist (at all) it was impactful for me to see what others created using the same weekly prompt. Reflecting on the things that made feel most at peace or my whole self led to [my creations].”

“I feel fortunate to be a part of the ArtReach community. I’ve always felt the need to express myself artistically, but never quite trusted my ability to do well. It is through their classes that I have learned that the process of creation itself is valuable and that there is no wrong way to create art. Rebecca is a wonderful teacher and gives just the right level of encouragement.”